суббота, 16 июля 2011 г.

Murakami Dreams

New stuff called Murakami Dreams released on experimental label from Belgium Sarutra's Music. Greatly thanks to Dreagan Luna Crivassan for collaboration and great artwork!

Dreagan Luna Crivassan review:
Loud guitarism accompanied by samples and vocal manipulation. The artist Dao De Noize releases his dreamworld vision sound upon us, while ironically keeping listeners wide awake during the process. It starts off pretty simple and straight forward, but progresses throughout the album’s single track with complexity and merzbowian layerism. Whilst listening you’ll be guided by a single stream of guitar racket across blots of sampled noise and ambience. It reminds me without a doubt of Angelo Badalamenti, composer of David Lynch films. Nuff said.

You can find info about album and buy CDr there:

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