вторник, 8 мая 2012 г.

Ishtar Voice review on Vital Weekly

New review appeared on webzine Vital Weekly 830(album Ishtar Voice released on Sincope)thanks to Frans for review)

Artem Pismenetsku, also known as Dao De Noize (see also Vital Weekly 775 and 820) returns here with a new release with two lengthy pieces of his drone plus music. Drones plus noise, drones with field recordings, made with radio, electronics, field recordings. One piece is over twenty-eight minutes and one is just under fourteen. Its music, I should think, that is recorded in a sort of 'live in studio' condition, with abrupt changes over, while other sounds are still a going concern. It makes the title piece, the longer of the two, a bit of a haphazard affair. Too random elements are added and removed and it seem to lack form, I think. 'Destroy All Zikkurats' starts out very noisy, and then moves over with a Russian voice from radio. Perhaps there is some political meaning to all of this, but its something that eludes me. Dao De Noize holds certainly a promise, but is in need for someone who edits the best bits and make a coherent release.
(Frans De Waard)


пятница, 4 мая 2012 г.

Dao De Noize / Troj

New tape split with Troj released on Denmark based label A Beard Of Snalils Records)Thanks to Troj for cooperation and Chrstian for this release and support)

Blazing sci-fi beauties from the ever prolific Dao De Noize and the more under the radar (but equally intriguing) Troj. Seering sidelong sculptures of haunted analogue synthesis, rusted android whispers, lunar stormfront machinations, or so. Stamped blue tapes, thick xeroxed j-cards.