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Destruction Of Consciousness

Dao De Noize appeared on net compilation called Destruction Of Consciousness which released on Ukrainian net-label GV Sound(cooperation with russian label Artificial Sun) Thanks to Vlad for work on this compilation.

Dao De Noize appeared on III part of compilation with track Harmony Terminal.

Archive.org(320kbps mp3)
Archive.org (FLAC/VBR/OGG)

суббота, 27 октября 2012 г.

23 Seconds ov Time Volume 5 : "in chaos we trust"

New volume of 23 Seconds ov Time with Dao De Noize sounds is out)

The extended collected track "23SOT V5" features 109 contributions that were sent in during the peroid that tracks were accepted.
Every track that was submitted was accepted.
Each submission appears in the order in which it was received.
We received contributions from 15 Countries, and 19 States in the USA for this volume ov thee project.

HEADPHONES are HIGHLY recommended for the best enjoyment of this volume.


вторник, 16 октября 2012 г.


New album called Kalam released on Psychonavigation Records!Big thanks to Keith for support and work on this release)

Dao De Noize is the alter ego of Ukranian Ambient/Noise producer Artem Pismenetskii.Kalam is the artists 20th album to date and this record is his tribute to the work of the legendary producer Bryn Jones aka Muslimgauze. Artem pays respect to the Muslimgauze sound and offers up 4 long tracks that fittingly pays homage to the late artists musical career.

Over the 4 parts of Kalam he firstly provides a bed of dub/ethnic infused electronics which he overlaps with tabla drums. The sounds vary from minimal abstract compositions to heavily processed electronics. The tracks are intense sounding but somehow never get too noisy which leads to a rewarding listening experience.

Dub infused electronics for fans of ethnic music


Listen and buy:

понедельник, 27 августа 2012 г.

Review of album Ishtar Voice on Sodapop

Review of Ishtar Voice appeared on Italian zine SodaPop.

Sincope pubblica il CD dell'ucraino Artem Pismenetskii aka Dao De Noize, progetto attivo solo da un paio di anni ma con all'attivo un gran numero di registrazioni. La stringata descrizione di ambient/noise in effetti calza tutta a questo ragazzo, visto che la sua musica mescola suoni d'ambiente e rumori, senza eccedere in una direzione o nell'altra e facendo uso di un buon senso della misura. I due lunghi brani del disco sono composti infatti da un connubio ben congegnato di suoni, rumori e voci, che costruiscono atmosfere particolari, una sorta di industriale ed ambient distante dai soliti cliché, quasi sempre tranquilla ma non monotona né soporifera. In qualche frangente si sente qualche ingenuità, come soluzioni magari un po' troppo semplici qui e là: nulla di fastidioso, anzi molte volte è piacevole ascoltare qualcosa di genuino in un'era di cervelloni che lavorano bit a bit i loro dischi cesellandoli fino alla perfezione. Tra momenti più caotici e atmosfere dal sapore quasi etnico, Ishtar Voice scorre molto bene e si lascia ascoltare molto volentieri.

Emiliano Grigis


onomatopoetic synesthesia: hum along

Listen to set by Dj x∃n with Dao De Noize sounds)


пятница, 15 июня 2012 г.

Dao De Noize on RTÉ 2fm

Listen to Psychonavigation artists show off their skills and provide another 60 minute soundtrack to your Saturday morning chill-out session.

Expect music from Arpatle,Roger Doyle,Imploded View,Scanner,Waves On Canvas,Buckminster Fuzeboard,Cuttooth,Seamus O'Muineachain,Dao De Noize and many more.

Broadcast live at 3am this coming Friday night / Saturday morning on 90-92 FM all across Ireland and digitally.


Various ‎– Third Number

Dao De Noize appeared on new tape compilation released on Hyster Tapes label.Thanks to Heikki for support)


вторник, 8 мая 2012 г.

Ishtar Voice review on Vital Weekly

New review appeared on webzine Vital Weekly 830(album Ishtar Voice released on Sincope)thanks to Frans for review)

Artem Pismenetsku, also known as Dao De Noize (see also Vital Weekly 775 and 820) returns here with a new release with two lengthy pieces of his drone plus music. Drones plus noise, drones with field recordings, made with radio, electronics, field recordings. One piece is over twenty-eight minutes and one is just under fourteen. Its music, I should think, that is recorded in a sort of 'live in studio' condition, with abrupt changes over, while other sounds are still a going concern. It makes the title piece, the longer of the two, a bit of a haphazard affair. Too random elements are added and removed and it seem to lack form, I think. 'Destroy All Zikkurats' starts out very noisy, and then moves over with a Russian voice from radio. Perhaps there is some political meaning to all of this, but its something that eludes me. Dao De Noize holds certainly a promise, but is in need for someone who edits the best bits and make a coherent release.
(Frans De Waard)


пятница, 4 мая 2012 г.

Dao De Noize / Troj

New tape split with Troj released on Denmark based label A Beard Of Snalils Records)Thanks to Troj for cooperation and Chrstian for this release and support)

Blazing sci-fi beauties from the ever prolific Dao De Noize and the more under the radar (but equally intriguing) Troj. Seering sidelong sculptures of haunted analogue synthesis, rusted android whispers, lunar stormfront machinations, or so. Stamped blue tapes, thick xeroxed j-cards.


пятница, 30 марта 2012 г.

Reviews on Dead Formats webzine

New reviews of Dao De Noize releases appeared on american webzine Dead Formats runs by Demian Johnston. Thanks to Demian for this work)You can read reviews of 2 releases - NM III and Dao De Noize/Daruin.


First of all, if the audio on this cdr was not so damn good I would have to give this a 2. The layout is so lackluster that I am kinda bummed just looking at it. It's not the worst thing I have ever seen but it's another slim cd case with a cdr (thankfully it's at least stamped with the label's logo) but the color photocopy that sits inside goes only halfway across the back and it looks kinda cruddy. If this was in resealable bag where you could see part of the cdr this might look okay but it's either the wrong packaging or the wrong cover. The cover itself, with it's toy frog, kinda looks like Boris' Amplifier Worship cover before Steve O'Malley got to fix it. It looks kinda 90's and not in the best way. The audio however is gorgeous. Really excellent droning noise with lots of strange instrumentations or field recordings of instruments that totally work. This artist, Dao De Noize, despite having a rough name and a rougher typeface for that name, is doing some really amazing work. 

Dao De Noize/Daruin split

Excellent noise from both Dao De Noize and Daruin. Dao De Noize plays piercing noise that sits on top of heavy, thick static. There seems to be loops below the fray of bells, drums, scraping metal, voices and various other sounds but they are all so buried that picking them out can give you a bit of anxiety. It's really good work from an artist I have not heard of until now. Daruin's two tracks seems to be more in the world of drone. It has a Birchville Cat Motel playing a Buddha Box type of sound. This is to say it's awesome. The trance that you will find yourself in after the first 20 minute track will be slightly jarred by the noisier, shorter track to follow. Really excellent audio on here. It looses a little points for the overly simplistic packaging and layout. It's not bad but a totally blank white cdr in a slim case with a photocopied cover is not that inspiring. Like I said, its not bad, it's just sorta forgettable. Musically though you will not be disappointed. 


четверг, 29 марта 2012 г.

Reviews on Helly Cherry webzine

New reviews of Dao De Noize splits appeared on Serbian webzine Helly Cherry runs by Nenad Popovic. Big thanks to Nenad for his interesting reviews and support)You can read reviews of 2 works - Kenji Siratori/Dao De Noize and Dao De Noize/Daruin.


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суббота, 3 марта 2012 г.

3-Way Buddha Split

New 3-Way Buddha split with Thailand based project Liliuminarium and experimantal project Premature Ejaculation(Erik Bullon) released on Shit Noise Records. Thanks to Liliuminarium and Eric for copperation and Hartmut for releasing and support)


воскресенье, 26 февраля 2012 г.

Binary for Fukushima

Binary for Fukushima

"It is a collection of Binaural artist from around the world that aims to help repair the DNA of those exposed by using 528 hz. 528 hz in Solfeggio tones have been known to help repair DNA from harmful environmental information.Best listened to in headphones.

NOTE: Contributors should upload tracks by using 528hz in Solfeggio tones. Add tag of "binaural healing 528hz" for distinguishing submission from spam. Thanks for help."

You can contribute your track there:

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Dao De Noize reviews on Vital Weekly 820

Dao De Noize reviews appeared on Vital Weekly 820. You can read reviews of 2 stuffs - Nasreddinoize(A Bearf of Snails) and split with Kazuya Ishigami(NEUS-318). Thanks to Frans for reviews and opinion)


воскресенье, 29 января 2012 г.

System 138

Album System 138 released on USA DIY label Darker Days Ahead!Thanks To Eric for this release and support)

Dao De Noize reveals a darker side with its “System 138”. Traveling through a rough terrain, and plowing through everything in its way. System 138 shows you the reality of life, dirty swamps, black fields and skies full of rust. Sharp edges on this machine will slice open your eyes and will make you see what humanity really is.


System 138 on Bandcamp:

пятница, 13 января 2012 г.

Dao De Noize / Route09 - Onagare Sakura

New tape split called Onagare Sakura with japanese experimental project Route09 released on DIY label USR RECORDS. Thanks and repsect to Yuki and Chris for this release.
Description of this work you can read on USR records site.

Viva Tapes series # 4
Each copy is unique.
Handmade on demand and available forever.