вторник, 6 сентября 2022 г.

New releases are coming to streaming services(Watershed, Wayfaring to Vernadsky Station, Healing: Format C)

 hello! i finally start uploading some music to streaming services. Now its so many, only 3 new albums released this year(Watershed, Vernadsky and Healing), but hope in future i will have access to my old devices which stayed in my flat in Kharkiv and will update some old sounds too. 

Thanks to The Dark Outside and Wormhole World for releasing this albums. Both of them try to earn some money which will come for humanitarian aids in Ukraine.

Streaming links(also i think you can find it other service which DistroKid supports)




all best

Peace for Ukraine!

суббота, 5 февраля 2022 г.

Kenji Siratori & Dao De Noize - Elizabeth Aldrich

 Hello! new collaboration with Kenji Siratori is out on Paper Moon Republic diy label. Thanks for Kenji and Arsenyi for cooperation.


Japanese-Ukrainian collaboration. A rustling and rhythmically arrhythmic DADA noise suite in a blue buzz frame. Otherworldly postmodern voices will sing a delicious lullaby to your consciousness.

PMR_69-1: miniCD-R with printing on the surface, packed in BluRay box. (13 hand-numbered copies)
PMR_69-2: Recorded at recycled cassettes and packed in standart tape case with little sticker. Side B duplicates side A. (7 hand-numbered copies)
PMR_69-3: Recorded at recycled soviet reel tapes and packed in a tired vintage cardboard box. Side B duplicates side A. (3 hand-numbered copies)

вторник, 23 февраля 2021 г.