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Reviews of splits with N.Ishida and Brandkommando

Reviews of splits with Naoki Ishida and Brandkommando on Vital Weekly 889!Thanks to Frans.

Dao De Noize/Naoki Ishida

More music by Artem Pismenetsku, also known as Dao De Noize, from Russia. In both of these cases split releases with others. On the first he works with Naoki Ishida, who previous work we reviewed in Vital Weekly 566 and 774 (not exactly an over productive musician!) on one track, while delivering a long solo piece and Ishida also delivering three solo pieces. In total an hour worth of music. In Dao De Noize's long piece it evolves around a few notes drone and some field recordings and a bit of other synthesizers dropping in and out. Its more ambient than noise, and a firm step forward from his previous work. It flows calmly into the short collaborative piece, which in return flows into the first Ishida solo piece. His music of the past was guitar and field recordings, delicate, crackling stuff, but here either transforms his guitar playing beyond anything that even sounds remotely like a guitar, or he turned all electronics. Whereas his previous releases had some 12K sensibilities, here its all more common place in the land of cosmos. Looped around synth sounds, all rather in a mid range, non-effort, not asking anything, just go with the flow. Comparing this with his previous releases, I would think this is a bit less: too easy to do in terms of creation. We have a bit of sound running and that's it. That's what it sounds like. It's not bad, but sounds perhaps without inspiration?

Brandkommando/Dao De Noize

The other split is on cassette and is with Brandkommando. Each has two tracks, one on each side. Brandkommando, the name states it probably, is a noise act, but not necessarily a wall of noise. Lots of synths and effects here. Its not easy to tell where a track stops and the next begins, so I might be guessing wrong here. Its hard to say what is by Brandkommando and what is by Dao De Noize, as what he does here seems to be close enough to each other. Noise inspired drone music, not unlike that of the kind of his earlier releases. It's a side of Dao De Noize which pleases me less I think, and Brandkommando's power electronics with vocals is also something that I think sounds alright but it just is not my kind of music. It seems all gimmick and not enough content. I might be entirely wrong of course.

Frans De Waard


Dao De Noize / Naoki Ishida

New split about Yugen with Naoki Ishida released on label Appliance Japan.Thanks to Mik and Naoki!)


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Duga-3 / Dao De Noize - Split

New split with spanish project Duga-3 released on japanese label Ginjoha. Thanks to David and Hiroshi for work on this split 


Noise is Global

Dao De Noize appeared on international noise compilation Noise is Global released on label Samboy Get Help!. Thanks to Artemis

The new Noise Compilation from Samboy Get Help!, Noise is Global, is now available as a net release! Features 12 artists from Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Singapore and The Ukraine! Includes Torturing Nurse, Orgasm Denial, Circuitrip, Luna Seaux, Sin:Ned, Random Emotionally Deformed, To Die, Investor Asing, Dissociative Disorder, Dao De Noize, PostMortem and (((...)))