суббота, 25 января 2014 г.

No Kill Compilation

Dao De Noize appeared on No Kill Compilation Vol.1 released on Blackseed Records. Thanks to Shy for support this idea 

"It’s been one year for this label and it’s important to begin a tradition that represents blackseed. This compilation is it! The cost of production is completely covered by blackseed as part of the total donation. The material is completely donated by the artists. 100% of all proceeds of the purchase price will go to a No-Kill Animal Shelter to assist in providing food, medicine, and warmth for some creatures that need our help. The packaging is 100% recycled product: Digital Vinyl CD-R Enviropak."


Voice review

Review of album Voice appeared on Vital Weekly webzine #914. Thanks to Frans

In the last few years I have been to Russia a few times, and every time I am there the conversation is directed towards the work of Muslimgauze. Obviously due to the fact of any previous liaison to Staalplaat from this end, one assumes (wrongly) that I met him and liked his music. On both instances: I didn't and I don't. I can see why people like Muslimgauze, as he surely had an unique voice in music, combining samples from ethnic music with harsh rhythms of his own; middle eastern chants combined with his own tabla banging. A lot of his work always seemed a bit unfinished, like ideas thrown to tape and shipped off to said record company. It became, I guess, part of his esthetic to do so. There is still great admiration for Muslimgauze's music, even fifteen years after his sudden death. So I can understand why Ukrainian artist Doa De Noize wants to do a tribute, but how to go about with such a thing? That is a bit harder I guess. Dao De Noize takes all the ingredients of Muslimgauze, the tabla's, the raga like drones, the chanting and mixes that with a bit of noise from himself into three long pieces. These pieces sometimes seem to contain more pieces within, just like some of Muslimgauze's work did, and one wonders: why not cut them up into smaller pieces? Maybe in the Muslimgauze days harder to do with DAT machines, but nowadays, with computers and such? I may not be Muslimgauze's biggest fan, but some of his releases I liked, and I may have heard them all; so I can fairly say that Dao De Noize's tribute is a brave attempt in sounding like his idol, but he lacks some of the refinement that Muslimgauze also seemed to have, despite the quick work around methods. Dao De Noize is more of the brutal force kind without such refined. But you never know: suppose Dao De Noize fancies himself the new Muslimgauze and produces a similar endless stream, then of course that might change. No doubt the Eastern die-hards, who even organize nights of solely Muslimgauze, would be open to such a follow-up, I can imagine. Me? I'd be rather be ambivalent about this. 

Frans De Waard