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Dao De Noize / Grassa Dato / Fasenuova - "Voices From Prypiat" Review

The eternal debate about the safety of nuclear energy seems endless. Events like the recent nuclear accident in Fukushima (by the way ... am I the only one who thinks the media have left this issue as if nothing had happened?) Fanning the flames of controversy over this type of energy procurement.

Chernobyl has been without doubt the greatest catastrophe in energy, environmental and human (except for war ...) history whose effects still linger in the surrounding area and its people. Prypiat, Ukrainian city turned into a ghost world for life contaminated is the best example of the devastating effect that a problem in a nuclear power plant can lead to deafness.

"Voices from Prypiat" is the latest production of asparagus Trick Asturian seal, of which we spoke earlier in Fungus Cerebri. A split bands shared by 3 completely different sound and design, giving an overall view, complementary and enriching on this controversial issue and particularly the case Prypiat as an excuse.

The project recently established Ukrainian, Dao De Noize, this work opens with a long track ("Noise Radiation Zone") of almost 20 minutes and industrial machine-like sounds (¿so would sound the Chernobyl plant in full operation?) Accompanied meter radiation, news voices narrating events and obsessive repetition. Hypnotism and distress to the length and breadth of the sound spectrum. The territorial proximity of the Dao De Noize city of Prypiat give the subject a special drama.

The next to take us down the nuclear path is Madrid and old friend of Fungus Cerebri, Grassa Dato. It begins with "Geiger," a short subject (we are accustomed to long and progressive tracks) with its disparate and dissonant frequencies, distorted vocals and distressing (undoubtedly the best track) that reveal the frenetic activity of the Geiger counter measuring radiation the place. Strength and agony in equal measure.

"Uranium damn" is the second track. This time the classic structure of Dato Grassa issues recur on a track a little more experimental than usual sounds full of mutants, and microglitches burbujantes. Uranium making the rounds with hardly perceive it as we breathe, drink or eat. A new twist to noise without ties of this prolific project.

The Asturian Fasenuova contribute to end this recording two songs from his recordings unearthed more industrial and noisy. "Reactor Twin 1" is an issue somewhere between the drone (for their mattresses in the background) and industrial music (for its nuances machinic ) accompanied by voices this time are secondary. Again, a track that could be the soundtrack to a nuclear reactor (hence the title).

In "Twin Reactor 2" to attend a game. A set of frequencies, recordings, vibrations and noise are varied to shape a track that at times takes us into the most absolute calm and at times put us back on alert. So nuclear power, silent until ceases to be ...

If the previously mentioned add an impeccable presentation (impenetrable) and love and care in every detail to get a job collecting (some have already chosen not to open the packaging to retain its full value!). Tip Asparagus has been the bar high with this work hard to beat ... Let's see how it gets! We're waiting ...

Fungus Celebri

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To-Bo / Dao De Noize – Gasalarm Part XIII

New split work together with noiseman To-bo released on label Shit Noise Records. Much respect to Hartmut Frank for this split work and noise propaganda! 

You can see some info about release and but CDr there

среда, 10 августа 2011 г.

Split Work

Friends and Everyone!

I have some unreleased tracks and searching for project who want to
make split work together. If someone want to make split work with Dao De Noize write me on email: pssatori@gmail.com