четверг, 28 июля 2011 г.

Dao De Noize / Grassa Dato / Fasenuova - "Voices From Prypiat"

New split work released on Spanish DIY label Truco Espárrago. Its collaboration with spanish nose musicians Grassa Dato and Fasenuova called Voices from Prypiat. Each copy have own cover foto of Prypiat town. Greatly thanks to David Von Rivers for his work!

1 Dao De Noize – Noise Radiation Zone
2 Grassa Dato – Geiger
3 Grassa Dato – Uranio Maldito
4 Fasenuova – Reactor Gemelo 1
5 Fasenuova – Reactor Gemelo 2

Limited to 26 copies. Each one feature a handmade envelope with a different photography of the city of Prypiat.

The label has informed of the existence of a random special copy with an occult message.

You can see info about split and buy it there:

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