пятница, 18 октября 2013 г.

Review of Dao De Noize/Naoki Ishida split

Review of Dao De Noize/Naoki Ishida split appeared on Igloo electronic music magazine.

A new Split Series inaugurated by Dao De Noize and Naoki Ishida, on which the pair share a single track bookended by solo work. In fact, it is split and split again, as it features remixes by a further two artists. Like Indian ragas, the pieces seem composed and arranged to be played at specific times of day, following the sun across the sky. Despite the punked-out Buddhist monicker, Dao De Noize is from Kharkiv in the Ukraine and his opening “Clear View (Yugen)” is an epic, resplendent marriage of ablative electric static and shoreline field recording with small, round bells, stretching nearly twenty-four minutes. Trembling as they become “Clear Noon” by the duo, Loran C remixes them into an exhilarating state of pure ambient shimmer.

Naoki Ishida—from whose distinctive solo catalog the present reviewer heartily recommends Light Scaped the World? and Tone Redust—begins his solo turn at “Forenoon,” followed by “Dawn” (perhaps the clock is going backwards because some sounds are?) and a remix of the latter by Osaka “ethereal drone” duo Sarry. “Forenoon” shears some of the peal off those bells into thin, curling slices festooning deeper, mesmerizing, sustaining tones. “Dawn” is misty and fog horns blare in the distance as the harbor awakes. The remix bleeds all the color out of this scene, revealing black and gray wraiths and ghost ships in all their tatters. A remarkably rich and coherent disc considering all the hands involved.

Stephen Fruitman