среда, 1 мая 2013 г.


Ukrainoise compilation is out on Gnar Tapes label!)Big thanks to Eric& to all Gnar Family for this release, to all projects and big thanks to Mirko Nevre Rossi for artwork)

Various Artists
(C60/ Edition of 100)

12 dark and mysterious noise projects are compiled on this very rare and exciting compilation of Ukraine based noise. From what we can gather, Kharkiv based Dao De Noize is the responsible party for creating this idea, as well as general liaison between Gnar Tapes and the shadowy figures involved in making these cold, dark sounds. From beyond the ghost of the Iron Curtain come the sounds of a new generation of Ukraine citizens; translating the emotional and psychic feelings of their environment through art and sound. Ukraine is a large country and most of the artists included on this haunting and beautiful collection are enveloped in mystery, elusive to any clear story as to how and where their noise was recorded; embrace the ghost and feel the noise of Ukraine.

(Tracks: 2525 - Asschoo, Creation VI - Journey In The Comet's Tail, Adragaron - Sifted Through The Stars, Ravcan - Diphosgene, The Cunt - VIII Part 2, Kotra - Lement, Mandragora's Chain - Touch, Trianov - Arrive, Edward Sol - Orbital Hangover, Radiosaygon - Annn-Box, Malad - Untitled, Dao De Noise - Untitled Ukraine )


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