пятница, 17 июня 2011 г.

Dao De Noize - Om

New work OM released on croatian DIY label Circumanalis Records. CDr comes with a metal OM symbol. Thanks Petar for support and collaboration

Petar Pecur review:
Dao De Noize is a one-man ambient/drone/noise project from Ukraine - the country's second experiment to be released on Circumanalis Records. On this release he presents one 50 minutes long track which blends those styles into a coherent soundscape, having an ambiental background and building upon it with bursts of noise and droney passages. All in all, a fine listening experience which requires a calm set and setting to be fully enjoyed in. The CDs are packed inside a hand-made paper sleeves, and each copy comes with a golden painted metal OM symbol/keychain.

Noise, Drone, Ambient

1. Om 51:06



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